vulnerably in love

you define me as who i am,
from the moment you walked into my life,
that smile broke though my dam.

i felt so invicible with you by my side
my stars, moon and sun revolved around you
loving you as much as the ocean is wide

holding your hand, i feel like i can do anything
your lips, your eyes, your laugh can brighten my day
just picturing a life without you has my heart aching

on the flipside, you hold my life in your palm
you can make me or break me, it;s your choice
make my storm worse or bring me into a sense of calm

my heart is so vurnerable with you in my life
how can i feel so safe yet so exposed
knowing my whole world is on the hilt of your knife

but i wouldn’t go back in fear of losing your light
no, i will stay strong and be the person you need
loving you, gives me the strength to win this never ending fight.

Sincerely me,




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